Zhejiang and Thailand Launches an Interactive Platform to Deepen the Cooperation

Economy News Tuesday December 7, 2021 15:48 —ThaiPR.net

Zhejiang and Thailand Launches an Interactive Platform to Deepen the Cooperation

2021 Zhejiang Service Trade Online Exhibition (Thai IOT service Session)

Zhejiang Department of Commerce and Thailand Digital Economy Promotion Agency signed the memorandum of strategic cooperation in the fields of Thailand Zhejiang digital economy industry and service trade in September 2021 at the China International Fair for Trade in services. From November 30 to December 2, Zhejiang Department of Commerce hosted the 2021 Zhejiang Service Trade Online Exhibition (Thai IOT service session).

Through the online round table, online forum and online meeting summing-up, combined with the vertical accurate matching and online live broadcast negotiation, this activity provides government procurement lists, technical service matching opportunities and trade negotiation platforms for relevant institutions and service demanders in Thailand and service trade enterprises in Zhejiang, so that the two sides can conduct accurate docking and carry out technical exchanges. Pay attention to performance and pragmatic operation, which is deeply concerned by Thailand. Director, Mrs. Zhuang Jin from Service Department of Zhejiang Department of Commerce; Director Shi Qiong from China National Digital Service Export Base; Senior Executive Vice President Dr. Passakorn Prathombutr; Vice President, Dr. Supakorn Siddhichai; and Senior Expertise, Dr. Non Arkarapraserkul from DEPA attend this online exhibition. This online exhibition has gotten great supports from DEPA, Digital Valle, China national digital service export base, Zhejiang IOT Industry Association Hangzhou IOT Association.

Nearly 100 Zhejiang and Thailand IOT enterprises participated in this online exhibition. Compared with the last online exhibition, both sides had in-depth exchanges in the field of IOT. Group companies such as Thailand Khonkane City Development and Thailand Phuket City development negotiated and interacted with Zhejiang service trade enterprises. The fields involved include digital technology, digital communication, smart security, smart city, etc. It has injected new vitality into the complementary development of Zhejiang Thailand Internet of things industry.

Thailand is the largest country in ASEAN where enterprises explore and implement IOT solutions to improve productivity and innovation. Digital economy is the development engine of Thailand's smart 4.0 strategy. Thailand attaches great importance to the development of digital industry. Zhejiang is a strong province in the development of digital industry in China. In recent years, the innovation and development level of Internet of things in Zhejiang has always been in the forefront of the country, and the industrial advantages of the two sides complement each other.

At present, under the "Thailand wisdom 4.0" strategy, Thailand's digital wisdom Valley, as a strategic highland for Thailand's development of digital economy, focuses on 5g laboratory, cloud innovation laboratory, AI design laboratory and data analysis center, which coincides with the industrial form and development field of the national digital service export base. This cloud exhibition has been unanimously recognized by relevant Thai government departments, business associations and relevant brand enterprises in Thailand, which has laid a solid foundation for further strengthening and promoting the promotion, technology R & D, technical service outsourcing of Zhejiang advanced Internet of things technology and further promoting Zhejiang Thailand technical cooperation.

"In particular, we will carry out cooperation and exchanges with Thailand's digital smart Valley for the national digital service export base, share areas of common interest, promote and develop long-term strategic cooperation in fields such as smart city and Internet of things technology industry in a mutually beneficial manner, and carry out deeper technical cooperation while normalizing economic and trade service cooperation, It has helped build a bridge for the development of digital industry" Mrs. Zhuang Jin from Service Department of Zhejiang Department of Commerce, said.

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