AutoFun A vibrant automotive platform

Motors News Thursday July 22, 2021 14:56 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

AutoFun A vibrant automotive platform

1st Year Anniversary in Thailand, thanks to all parties for their support, motivation to widen the content, boost more fun for stimulating with the car trading service at home.

Pisan Ittiwattanakul Head of Content, AutoFun Thailand reveals that on the 1st year anniversary of the operation in Thailand, AutoFun would like to extend gratitude to Thais, press, both public & private news sources, including the business partners who have brought us to 2nd rank on the Thai automotive media on March 2021(Source: Most importantly, we'd like to thank our business partners such as MG Sales (Thailand) Company Limited; Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Company Limited; and Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Company Limited who provided great help for running the survey 'the COVID-19 impact on the consumer car purchasing behavior'

As the open platform, we are driven by the quality and delivery of automotive content that meets the needs of both 'Professional Generated Content (PGC)' and 'User Generated Content (UGC)' which listens to the opinions of users, we have opened a column "Owner Review" which is the stage for the real car owners who really review driving cars. This is the first time ever of the automotive media in Thailand that offers the floor for the real users to exchange their experiences and publish on our platform. With the intention on providing the users for the new perspective in a reliable way in order to make a decision on purchasing a car as covering with all aspects.

For the professional aspect on PGC (Professional Generated Content), we have a team with extensive experience in automotive industry which creates the content and conveys actively and attractively on automotive news both local and international features, for example, the news "Revealing behind the scenes 'Human Corpse' being used for a crash test on ethical boundary." This news goes extremely viral with over 2 million views and over 470,000 comments and shares.

"The key strength of AutoFun is the technology on the data structures. From the past year, we presented information on 38 brands, 274 models, 1,296 sub-models and published more than 15,719 images of the car. Although the text content is important, but nowadays with the constant changes, we see the new trends that will occur in the future. We increase the production numbers of video clip; the longer clips will be posted via YouTube while the short ones will be posted on TikTok. These are for lively entertainment to be in line with the behavior of automotive users and to serve the trend of the young generation. The users can follow us on 3 TikTok accounts; @autofun422; @pickupbrothers; and @esrbpegi. We have over 700,000 fans and the average viewer over 300,000 nowadays."

In the near future, we will work with our partners for the car evaluation at home service.

You can follow the information, reviews, search or trade the cars and others for the full services for automobiles at or Facebook: AutoFun Thailand and Youtube: AutoFun Thailand

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