Introducing Bilibili, the new streaming platform embarking its first step onto the land of smile with tons of anime series and other contents for Thai fans.

Technology News Thursday July 22, 2021 15:26 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Introducing Bilibili, the new streaming platform embarking its first step onto the land of smile with tons of anime series and other contents for Thai fans.

Bilibili, the leading animation video platform in Southeast Asia with an ever-expanding content ecosystem is now available in Thailand, loaded with a large inventory of anime series and the User Generated Videos (UGVs) with a mission to enrich the lives of Thai youths, either you are an otakus who loves to watch, or a creator who wants to unleash their creativity, you can do it all on Bilibili in this stay-at-home period. And here are all you need to know about Bilibili and why you should give it a try.

Your dream 2-in-1 platform for new generation
Bilibili is the new video platform that has recently entered the Thai market in November 2020.

Bilibili is a hybrid platform that brings together occupationally generated videos (OGVs) and the creator's video to answer to the needs of the new generation that both loves to "watch" as well as to "share" together in one place. Its large inventory of over 1,100 anime titles makes Bilibili the biggest animation video platform in Southeast Asia.

And Bilibili is more than just anime. Its vision is to become a digital lifestyle for young people in Thailand by providing a wide array of content categories that serve their diverse interests.

Large selections of beloved animes at your fingertips
Whether you're an anime fan, an otakus or have your own waifus, Bilibili is the platform for you! Because Bilibili brought an army of top tier anime for you, whether you want to be a Hokage, surviving a horde of titans, slaying a demon or become a dragon maid, you can all do it all with Bilibili, which brought over tons of titles for you. Plus, many more to come to brighten up your gloomy work from home life the whole long year.

Unique video content platform for the unique you
One of Bilibili's goals is to create an inclusive online community for everyone. Not only it is a place where you can find tons of new, top-tier or classic anime series, but Bilibili is also a space where anyone can express who you are, your passion and your talents onto the platform through your very own original video that you can share it with community with the same interest. And to fulfil the diverse and expanding interests of its users, Bilibili invites everyone to embrace and express who they are through the video platform whether you are an anime lover, fashionista, gadget geek, fitness enthusiast, a gamer, a music fan, or a foodie, Bilibili always has a place you.

Exclusive original content from Bilibili
Other than an army of hot-hit anime series, Bilibili also brought the original content exclusive to Bilibili for you. Starting with Link Click, an original anime series from Bilibili. Link Click told the story of Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang, the owner of "Time Photo Studio," where the duo set on a time traveling mission to accomplish the client's objectives by entering their photos. Link Click is a mysterious story that question audience of the past: if you have the chance to go back in time, would you try to change anything, or leave it the way it was? Not enough content? Rest assured as Bilibili is preparing to add many more anime series and original content for you the whole long year.

Friendly Application, Killer Features
Bilibili might have just established in Thailand not long ago, but one can't ignore that Bilibili's application is such a breeze to use and give you a full streaming experience; The clean User Interface, or the comfortable and snappy User Experience. Bilibili also cleanly organized anime series based on categories and popularity.

Bullet Chat is another fascinating feature that allows you to chat with your fellow watchers while watching. And another killer feature is the Release Calendar that you can find all the airing schedule for each anime, plus, you can set a reminder, so you won't miss any hype-trains.

And sometimes, the good thing in life is free
Are these anime and creator videos really free?! Bilibili provides tons of anime and video content free of charge as we aim to be created a place where imagination and creativity converged, and a place that is accessible for everyone to enjoy.

Don't believe us if you haven't tried it yourself, download Bilibili application on Google play or App Store today, and enriched your life though many more anime in Southeast Asia's largest animation inventory as well as creative user generated videos, for free.

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